January 2, 2003
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Health District continues investigation at Young’s

Some longtime regulars at Young’s Jersey Dairy are undeterred by the recent salmonella poisoning connected with the establishment. Ralph Hildebrand of Beavercreek has been a Young’s patron for years, and he has continued eating there as usual.

“My wife and I continue to come here every Saturday and Sunday morning, and I’m not worried about getting sick,” Hilde-brand said. “The only thing I think or care about is coming over and having breakfast as usual.”

Since the Clark County Combined Health District began its food poisoning investigation at Young’s in early December, 38 people have tested positive for salmonella, including 13 Young’s employees. Those who tested positive were found to have eaten at Young’s or were otherwise contaminated sometime between Nov. 29 and Dec. 19, according to a Dec. 30 press release from the Health District.

Last week, the Health District found that the skim milk bottled at Young’s on Nov. 29 tested positive for salmonella. No other milk product tests have come back positive, though the district is continuing to send milk, cream and butter samples to its epidemiology lab.

Hildebrand said he occasionally orders the dairy’s unpasteurized milk and has never had a problem. He is willing to drive the distance for the smoke-free atmosphere, friendly service and familiar faces. Hildebrand said he felt so confident in the safety of the restaurant that he took his grandchildren there several times over the holidays.

An additional 25 food poisoning cases are still being investigated for links to Young’s. The Health District also is continuing to run tests on all of the dairy’s milking cows. Results are pending.

Food poisoning cases have been found in twelve counties in Ohio: Butler, Clark, Clinton, Greene, Madison, Montgomery, Shelby, Highland, Hamilton, Preble, Miami and Warren. Two cases have been found in Chicago and Indianapolis.

—Lauren Heaton