March 25, 2010

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Spring has Flung
Emily Elliot took a turn out in front of the Yellow Springs Dance Improv performance on the steps of the Winds Wine Cellar last Friday night, which opened the Yellow Springs Arts Council’s March Third Friday Fling event. Phillip Bottelier led a drumming group in the background, and the event continued in the 360° Studio Theater with hoop dancing by Soul Fire Tribe, a ribbon dance, Melissa Heston’s original work, “Bon Voyage,” and an improvisation by Heston, Ali Thomas and Marybeth Wolf that drew belly laughs.

Village Council gives first approval to 2010 budget
At their meeting on Monday, March 15, Village Council members approved 5–0 the first reading of the Village budget for 2010. After three budget workshops on Feb. 9 and 23 and March 6, Council agreed on a total budget of $13,553,490 for 2010, including $3,671,167 allocated for the general fund; $1,616,810 for the special revenues fund; $126,353 for the debt services fund; $520,500 for the capitol projects fund; and $7,618,660 for the enterprise funds.

Assessing the value of diversity
For Jewell Graham, the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s were exhilarating times to live in the village. Having come to Yellow Springs as a young African-American woman with her new husband, Paul, who after graduating from Antioch had been offered a job at Vernay Laboratories, Graham was impressed with the quality of relationships between blacks and whites. Many businesses were integrated in a way unusual for the time, and a passion for the civil rights movement further brought people together. There was considerable socializing between blacks and whites in her world, as well as a sense of shared purpose.

TLT, AACW join for roots fest
Every year the local blues fest reminds community members about the roots of contemporary popular music. If gospel can spawn the blues, jazz, reggae and rap, then what can the art of the local community tell us about our own history and roots? African American Cross-Cultural Works and the Tecumseh Land Trust aim to find out when they put on the first ever Roots Fest on Saturday, March 27, at Bryan Community Center. It will be an evening of performances in which villagers use the arts to connect to and share their own stories.

2009 Bulldog Sports Schedule
Find out when and where the Bulldogs are playing this winter season. Boys and girls basketball (both YSHS and McKinney), as well as YSHS swimming. Updated weekly for changes or last minute information. Click here to see the schedule > > >
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