January 2, 2003
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Miami Township business—
Fire squad to participate in drug-testing program

The Miami Township trustees opened their meeting Dec. 16 in festive holiday spirit, serving nonalcoholic egg nog and Christmas sugar cookies.

After the festivities, Miami Township Fire Chief Colin Altman reported the fire department will participate in a Drug Free Work Place program through the State Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, which would give the department a discount in workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

For the first year, the Township will participate in drug testing level one for a 15 percent discount. All new employees will be tested for drug use. After a year’s compliance at level one, the Township can move to level two, where 10 percent of the 60-person workforce will participate in random testing throughout the year through Greene Memorial Hospital.

The program has four levels of participation with a maximum 20 percent discount that the Township could eventually work toward.

In other Township business:

• The residents of the Lamont and Carol Drives subdivision are continuing to work with Greene County officials to resolve a storm water drainage problem that has been going on for almost a decade. Ed Amrhein, a representative from the subdivision, asked the trustees for support in negotiations with the county. Township trustee Mark Crockett, who was involved in an unsuccessful state grant proposal to solve the problem, volunteered to represent the Township in future meetings with county officials.

• The Trustees unanimously passed a resolution transferring money from the general fund to the capital equipment fund, with $10,000 to purchase a new equipment truck, $19,286 going into the operating supplies fund, and $15,000 going into the zoning fund. According to the Greene County auditor and the Ohio Revised Code, the trustees had previously transferred estate tax money improperly from the general fund into the road and bridge fund. Trustees passed a resolution correcting the mistake. Trustees also passed several end-of-the-year resolutions transferring funds from several funds, including the operating supplies fund, to pay bills and cover operating expenses.


—Lauren Heaton