February 20, 2003
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Winter warriors

Last weekend’s winter storm brought a sense of calmness to Yellow Springs, a reprieve from the grind of daily life. For some, the falling snow was an excuse to stay home and stay warm. For kids, the storm meant all things snow: snow forts, snow sledding, snowball fights. Even adults got into the act, getting out their skis or taking a long hike — a walk through the Glen, with no trace of others around, was meditative.

For others, however, the snow storm, and this winter for that matter, was different. For them, it was not fun and games. For them, it meant work.

Those piles of snow lining the streets are a testament to the pummeling Yellow Springs took last weekend. Those piles are also a reminder of the good and important work accomplished by those who cannot rest when the snow falls.

The Village and Miami Township Road crews have worked tirelessly to keep our streets clear and passable. With a mountain of snow on the ground, their task has been mighty, but they’ve done a good job. The Village electric and water crews must fix broken water mains or downed power lines, no matter the hour of night or the severity of weather. The same goes for the staff and volunteers of Miami Township Fire-Rescue, who are always there to help those in need. The winter has not been easy for our postal workers, who have had to slog through all sorts of punishing weather during the past three months to deliver the mail.

These people are our winter warriors, the men and women who keep the community running through the worst winter has to offer. They quietly go about their work because this is what they do. We owe them our thanks.

—Robert Mihalek