November 27, 2003



Giving thanks at Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, families around the country and in Yellow Springs will gather around to share a meal, tell stories and give thanks. This week it seems appropriate to acknowledge the many good people who work to make Yellow Springs the place that it is. So here’s a list of some of the people and places in Yellow Springs we are thankful for:

• Voters, who reaffirmed their support for the Yellow Springs public schools by passing two levies on the November ballot, assuring the school district two crucial streams of income for the next several years

• The people who really run the community’s institutions and organizations: the support staff, assistants, secretaries, who make sure these institutions continue to provide valuable services

• The Village Public Works crew, for keeping the lights on, the water flowing and the streets in good condition

• Teachers, administrators and principals, for providing Yellow Springs children with a quality education

• The volunteers who work tirelessly for the causes and projects that make this town a better place

• Elected officials, for sticking their necks out and serving their community

• Glen Helen, which provides a beautiful, natural sanctuary

• Friendly neighbors — one of the best things about living in a small town is that people say “hello” all the time

• Yellow Springs Police Department personnel, who have continued to come to work every day during this controversial year

• Yellow Springs students who participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities, including band and orchestra, theater, arts and clubs, for giving us something to cheer about, for entertaining us and for making us proud

• Businesses that remain committed to Yellow Springs and have weathered another tough economic year

• People who continue to exercise their right to free speech, assembly and religion

—Robert Mihalek