Yellow Springs: 1803-2003
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Yellow Springs: 1803 to 2003
The News is publishing an 11-part monthly series in conjunction with Yellow Springs’s bicentennial celebration, sponsored by the Yellow Springs Historical Society.
Working chronologically from 1803 to the present, this series features a different time period of Yellow Springs’ history each month, exploring the people and events that have shaped this town over the last 200 years.
This month’s installment features the period of 1853 to 1868.

If you are interested in underwriting subsequent historical pages celebrating 200 years of the Yellow Springs community,
please contact the News at 767-7373.

Installment 1: 1803 to 1853
Installment 2: 1853 to 1868
Installment 3: 1868 to 1883
Installment 4: 1868 to 1883