August 14, 2003



A call for more candidates
Only a week remains before the Aug. 21 deadline for candidates planning to run for office in the November election. Based on the number of people who have filed so far, it won’t be much of an election unless more candidates step forward.

That’s not to say that those who have filed are bad choices, but the slate at this point offers voters precious little choice. Representative government is dependent on providing voters a variety of options, and having more candidates appear on the ballot increases the chances that those who are elected will reflect the various segments of the Yellow Springs and Miami Township community. The competition and debate generated by a good political contest also helps make those ultimately elected more responsive to the community and more aware of local residents’ needs.

There are plenty of opportunities this year for local residents to participate in the democratic process. The ballot includes three seats on Village Council, the mayor’s office, two spots on the school board, a seat on the Miami Township Board of Trustees and the Township’s clerk/treasurer post.

Serving as an elected official, under the extreme microscope of the public’s eye, can be a thankless task. It also has its rewards, including the opportunity to take an active role in what happens in your hometown and to give back to the community. It’s at the local level where people can have the most impact and make the biggest difference.

Not happy with your local officials? Run for office and change things. Pleased with your elected officials? Run for office and keep that momentum going. While not everyone who runs this fall is likely to get elected, each candidate will have performed a valuable community service.

Now is the time for those who have contemplated running for office to get involved and get on the ballot. This is a call for candidates: It’s time to get involved. Our community needs you.

—Robert Mihalek