April 24, 2003
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McKinney Science Fair

From left, front row: Alex Visbal, Andrew Sparks amd Brandon Carver–Halley. Back row: Teacher Terry Graham, Carly Bailey, Erin Silvert-Noftle, Rhiannon Carver and Michaela McCuddy.

The fourth annual McKinney School Science Fair was held on April 10 in the Yellow Springs High School cafeteria.

Fifty-two students entered exhibits for judging. The students were to solve a problem using the scientific method.

Judges from schools, universities and businesses in the area judged the students’ projects. Science fair entries were judged on scientific thought and experimental design, visual display, creativity, originality of science investigation and student understanding. Students were expected to discuss and explain their investigation and the scientific concepts and principles involved in their investigation with the judges.

This year’s winning entries are as follows: honorable mention was awarded to Erin Silvert-Noftle for “Math and Music: How Does Music Affect Teenagers Working on Math?,” Brandon Carver-Halley for “Can Biofeedback Detect Lies?” and Andrew Sparks for “How Does Weight Affect the Recoil of a Replica Hawken Rifle?” Third place was awarded to Rhiannon Carver for “Whimsical Motions, What is the Difference in a Horse’s Attitude and Movement When Ridden to Different Types of Music.” Two students tied for second place, Carly Bailey with “How Light Affects Plant Growth” and Michaela McCuddy, “The Effective Aperture Size and Exposure Time Using a Pinhole Camera.” Alex Visbal placed first with “Hooke’s Law.”