October 31, 2002

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Web site promotes economic development—
Village adds to yso.com

The Village unveiled the latest addition to its Web site last week: a new economic development page.

The page can be accessed at www.yso.com/econ.asp.

It includes information about the Village Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund, which has more than $300,000 available, and the cooperative economic development agreement (CEDA) Council recently approved with the Miami Township trustees. Approved in September, the agreement allows the Village and Township to work together to promote economic development in areas of the township. Both governments agreed to provide services to any developments coming out of the CEDA, in exchange for tax and utility revenue.

The agreement currently targets two areas: 46 acres of farmland on the northwest corner of East Enon and Dayton-Yellow Springs roads, which is owned by Vernay Laboratories, and 39.6 acres of farmland on the east side of East Enon Road, which is part of the Pitstick farm.

The Web page includes links to the Greene County property information Web site, which provides specific information about the available properties.

The page also lists properties that are currently available for commercial use. It also provides a link to the Web site of Community Resources, a local group that is working on local economic development issues.

—Robert Mihalek