November 21, 2002

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Antioch School sixth-grader Crystal Reedy helped make a banner to promote the Yellow Springs Holiday Open House.

Best bet for a holiday affair

As each day from now until Dec. 31 rings in slightly colder and shorter than the one before it, your urge to bury yourself deep under bedcovers and not come out until spring may be growing very strong. To resist this smothering isolationist defense as long as possible, here’s what you should do this Saturday:

Arise naturally without an alarm clock to greet what you hope will be the sun shining brightly against a clear sky.

Brew a pot of coffee and enjoy a few cups in full bed gear with the morning paper, reading nothing of war and only stories of beauty or great human triumph. This could be a short-lived activity.

Put on some chunky wool socks and gather the children in their hats and mittens for a garrulous frolic into town, kicking and crunching the last of the leaves under your feet as you go.

The kids will want instant gratification, so head toward the Bryan Community Center where they can pet friendly llamas and perhaps an angora rabbit during the “Handspun-Handwoven Show & Sale,” sponsored by the Weaver’s Guild of the Miami Valley. Meanwhile you can pick up a handwoven sweater your brother in Florida will need when he comes to visit and a skein of burgundy red handspun wool for your aunt who knits.

Next, walk up the hill to Dayton Street to see the lights and nylon art banners made by students at the Community Children’s Center, the Antioch School, Mills Lawn Elementary and the McKinney School.

Duck into Epic Book Shop for some hot apple cider and buy a book on Ayurvedic healing to broaden the horizons of your friend who’s strictly allopathic medicine. There are toys in there for the kids, too.

You might be feeling hungry after this and in need of toe warming, so walk over to the First Presbyterian Church to get a warm lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

After lunch, get your picture taken with the fat bearded man roaming around town in a red suit. That will be Kings Yard owner Roger Hart or someone U.S. Bank has recruited to dress up like the man from the North Pole.

You’re starting to feel a little light in the pocket, and you want to find some deals. Check around at certain stores to find coupons to use in certain other stores. Tell the kids it’s a treasure hunt. Who knows, you may find a coupon at “would you, could you” In a Frame that you can use at Glen Garden Gifts to buy the poinsettia you’ve been wanting for the coffee table.

Don’t forget the frozen-fingered fiddlers who will be out in various locations throughout downtown making merry music to lift your spirits, which might be flagging out in the cold. If they can do it, so can you.

Grab some hot tea and lemon bars at Current Cuisine and then head over to the Glen Helen Building, where the Glen Helen Nature Arts and Crafts Show awaits your arrival. Visit with the artists who will be on hand and buy some hand-printed Christmas cards. Then make a bid on your favorite artist’s piece. It may be your lucky day.

After such a long fun-filled day, your holiday shopping could be well near complete.

But if you still have more gifts to buy, the Holiday Open House downtown and the Glen Helen Nature Arts and Crafts Show run all day Sunday as well.

—Lauren Heaton