November 14, 2002

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Equipment failure causes power outage

The lights went out in Yellow Springs last Friday afternoon, Nov. 8, when Dayton Power & Light equipment malfunctioned at the company’s substation on Snypp Road.

The power outage lasted from 3:40 to 4:46 p.m. During that time, as Yellow Springs police directed traffic beneath nonfunctioning stoplights, villagers all over town stopped talking on phones, watching TV and working on their computers.

The equipment, a three-phase breaker, was apparently tripped when a capacitor bank located on Fairfield Pike shorted out. Miami Township Roads Supervisor John Finn, who was working in the Miami Township garage near the Village substation on Fairfield Pike, saw a “large explosion” when the short occurred, Kelly Fox, a member of the Village public works crew, said.

Although Miami Township Fire-Rescue personnel were dispatched to the site of the explosion, they were not needed, said Fox.

The Village immediately contacted DP&L. Since Village personnel can’t work on DP&L equipment, they were forced to wait until the DP&L crew arrived to fix the breaker before it could be turned back on and power could be restored in Yellow Springs.

Village employees did “make ourselves available for any assistance they may have needed,” Fox said, but none was required.