November 14, 2002

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Bomb threat at Antioch College

Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6, an Antioch student living in Mills Hall received an on-campus telephone call saying that there was a bomb in the building. When the student asked if the call was a joke, the male caller replied that it was not. Within minutes, the Yellow Springs Police Department, Miami Township Fire-Rescue (MTFR), Antioch Security and Dean of Students Patricia Whitlow were alerted and on the scene.

After being asked if the threat was a joke, the caller repeated the threat, then hung up. Students went to the next building over to phone the police (many of the student phones are intercampus only) and then walked back to Mills to start waking up others in the hall. When the first police officer arrived, several students were already standing outside.

Police and the squad combed all of the building’s common spaces, including closets, facilities rooms, common rooms and bathrooms and found nothing. Students’ rooms were not searched. According to MTFR Chief Colin Altman, students’ individual rooms were not searched because “students would obviously recognize if they had received or found anything unusual in their own rooms.”

Meanwhile, students who lived in the dormitory waited in the residence hall next door.

“Students handled the situation very well. They were exceptionally cooperative and helpful. And that means a lot when you’re woken up at five in the morning,” said Whitlow.

At approximately 6:15 am, students were told that they could reenter the building. The Yellow Springs police are now investigating.

—Michael Hogan Jr.